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 The Milkshake



Tully The Bully
Milkshake meets Tully the Bully! Welcome to The Milkshake Chronicles and Milkshake the cow on Happy Acres. Milkshake loves her safe world. That is until a new arrival on the farm, shakes things up in a not so nice way. Tag along as Milkshake figures out how to deal with Tully the Bully. Written by best selling author Wendy Anne Hunt, Tully the Bully is perfect for middle grade readers (grades 2-5) or as a family read along chapter book. You'll be chuckling as you read through the bonus sections, too. Hunt has written an adorable fast paced early reader chapter book. The book includes helpful tips on the the subject of school age bullying and positive methods of resolving childhood conflicts.



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WHISPERS OF GRACE is a fresh, new year long, daily devotional for those who need to hear a word from our Father God.

Over the course of many years, Wendy Hunt would come before the Lord in her quiet time and ask one question: "Lord, what do you want to say to your precious people?" Then she would listen and record the impressions He placed on her heart. This is a compilation of those impressions.

Each daily entry is written as if God is speaking directly and lovingly to the heart of the reader as His beloved child...personal, tender, and comforting. These excerpts are based soundly on Scripture and meant to give the reader a sweeter understanding of God's grace toward them, drawing them deeper into the intimacy of His presence and stirring within them the desire to linger there, resting and abiding in His love.


Orphan and the



childrens books

If you and/or your children have enjoyed reading books such as The Chronicles of Narnia, this is an illustrated adventure novel that you won’t want to miss out on!! Ideal for fantasy lovers of all ages!

in the

Night I & II

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Each CD has 70 minutes of comforting, encouraging promises from Genesis through Revelation, in language children can understand, spoken in soothing tones with peaceful music and soft nature sounds for bedtime listening! Play for your kiddos at bedtime or whenever you want to calm them. Play for yourself when you are working on your taxes!
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# Whispers of Grace

Inspiration Christian Devotional

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